Classic Disney Goofy Green Ceramic Mug

Classic Disney Goofy Green Ceramic Mug
We all experience Goofy days from time to time, so show your solidarity with this lovable but clumsy Disney dog on your dim-witted days with this bold design.

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About our Mugs:

High-quality 11oz mug with a glossy outer surface. Perfect for personalising with your favourite design.

Care Instructions:

This mug is dishwasher safe (conforms to the standard EN 12875-4:2006), but we recommend hand-washing to keep the colours vibrant. Microwave safe (not certificated).




  • The first mugs found by archaeologists were carved from bones and dated back to the Stone Age. Moving on, but still in ancient times, mugs were carved in wood or sometimes shaped by clay.
  • The mug is designed to create a thermal insulation. The walls of a modern mug are thick, say compared to the thinner walls of teacups, and insulate the drink to prevent it from cooling or warming quickly. The base of a mug is rarely flat, either concave or with an extra rim, to reduce the thermal contact with the surface on which a mug is placed. The mug’s handle keeps the hand away from the mugs potentially hot side.
  • The first coffee shop appeared in 1475 in Constantinople where the coffee mugs were made out of wood.
  • In 1748, Britain banned coffee and all merchandise associated with it, including mugs. This led to a shortage of mugs, and the black market prices for mugs rose.
  • Nowadays, mugs are usually ceramic. However, they can also be made from lots of different materials such as bone china, stoneware, strengthened glass, plastic and steel.

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Classic Disney Goofy Green Ceramic Mug

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